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Aggressive, yet strategic, representation is our hallmark. This Firm practices under a philosophical belief that AGGRESSIVE REPRESENTATION is intelligently balanced with STRATEGIC planning and preparation. Many people mistakenly believe that legal representation, whether in an amicably stipulated divorce proceeding or hotly contested criminal defense proceeding, requires thoughtless aggressiveness of their attorney. While AGGRESSIVE, YET STRATEGIC, REPRESENTATION is foundational, we believe that strategic planning, thoughtful case preparation and professionalism, along with balancing the “best interests of minor children” in accordance with applicable law (as applicable), provide the bases for the best possible outcomes for clients long term. In all cases, this Firm strives to professionally prosecute objective parameters for settlement in parallel with strategic preparation for trial. Thus, in all cases, aggressive representation and zealous advocacy are coupled with thoughtful case strategy, planning and preparation.

Criminal Defense Cases

Facing a criminal charge can pose a serious threat to your liberty, can cost you substantial amounts of money and can seriously impact your present and future freedoms. Many times, a person charged with a crime (called a “defendant”) may be subject to Court-imposed “Conditions of Release” and may have to post bail or a bond to secure release from jail–even while being “presumed innocent until proven guilty.” Thus, sometimes severe restraints on a person’s liberty can be imposed before any adjudication. Such restraints on liberty may affect jobs, out-of-state travel, vacations, contact with family members, alleged victims or witnesses and certain other conduct. Further, many times a defendant may not know how to effectuate the constitutional protections available to them as a matter of law. A defendant will often be advised, sometimes by the Court and/or by the prosecution or law enforcement, that they have a right to remain silent, that they have the right to assistance of counsel in all proceedings and other certain constitutionally protected rights; however, not all defendants know what to do with that information. One may ask “what does it mean to remain silent?” “Can I get a court-appointed public defender at no or low cost?” “Can I represent myself?” “Can I answer questions of the prosecutor out in the hallway?” Thus, it is absolutely vital that EVERY defendant secure the assistance of counsel as early as possible in EVERY criminal case and that EVERY defendant exercise his/her right to remain silent (e.g. do not answer questions about the allegations or make statements about the case) until directed by his/her defense attorney.

Family Law/Domestic Relations Cases

Perhaps the most sensitive and stressful legal issue you may experience is a legal case involving your spouse and your minor children. Such matters such as getting divorced, fighting for custody, timesharing and support, along with arguing over distribution of community property and debts in divorce cases can be complicated and the outcome can seriously affect your life, relationships, children and finances. It is important to have skilled legal counsel on your side to navigate the nuances of your domestic relations case. Divorce, separation or domestic violence may be what initially prompts a person to seek legal counsel, but it is rarely the only issue that is handled once the legal process is under way. If you are currently considering divorce, or you have questions about stipulations that were previously determined in a divorce settlement, or concerns about establishment of parentage or modification of child custody, timesharing or support, or have questions about compliance (or non-compliance) with current orders of the Court, then you should seek the advice and representation of a Family Law/ Domestic Relations attorney as soon as possible. The Law Offices of D. Zane Swank, LLC are available to discuss your important legal matter and a prospective representation.

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